Birth Control

Birth Control

Birth control, or contraception, refers to the many options available for men and women to prevent pregnancy. Different forms of birth control include temporary measures such as birth control pills, permanent procedures like tubal ligation and devices for use during sex, like condoms. Some methods can provide other health benefits as well, including regulating menstrual cycles and treating medical conditions.

Reversible Birth Control

Reversible birth control is perfect for people who are not looking to get pregnant right now but may want to in the future. You can use these methods for as long as you want, and you can reverse them when you’re ready to conceive. There is generally little to no risk of birth control affecting your long-term fertility. Some of the most common birth control options for women include:
  • Birth control pills: One of the most popular forms of contraception. It’s highly effective if used properly and known to ease menstrual issues.
  • Intrauterine devices, or IUDs: A device your doctor inserts into your uterus that can stay effective for up to 12 years.
  • Liletta: A hormonal IUD that can last for six years.
  • NuvaRing: A form of insertable birth control that also regulates periods.
  • Nexplanon: An implant inserted in your arm. It is effective for up to three years, and it can cause irregular or lost periods.

Permanent Birth Control

If you’re seeking a more permanent solution for contraception, Mile High OB/GYN also offers those options. These procedures are for people who do not want children or cannot have them. Our permanent contraception options include:

  • Tubal ligation: A surgeon will cut and tie the fallopian tubes, keeping eggs from traveling through them.
  • Tubal occlusion, or essure: The doctor will put inserts into the fallopian tubes that prevent sperm and eggs from meeting and eventually close off the tubes completely.
  • Vasectomy: This procedure is a permanent birth control option for male bodies in which a doctor cuts and ties off the sperm ducts.

Explore Your Birth Control Options at Mile High OB/GYN

At Mile High OB/GYN, we ensure our patients have access to a full range of contraception methods. Our physicians will work with you to help you understand your options and make the best choice for your body.

If you’d like to learn more about our family planning options, reach out to us today. Call us at one of our three locations in Denver, Englewood and Rose or book an appointment online.

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