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The feeling you have when you bring a new life into the world is indescribable and incomparable. As you wait for the day of delivery, you want your pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal experience to be in the right hands. Our OB-GYNs in Denver at Mile High OB/GYN can provide that care for you. Here is some information on what you can expect when you visit our clinic for obstetric care.

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What Is Obstetrics?

Obstetrics is a medical discipline exclusively focused on the care and treatment of individuals who are pregnant or giving birth. As such, it covers all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care, including the health of both the newborn baby and the mother.

The main tasks of the obstetrician include:

  • Confirming pregnancies.
  • Delivering babies.
  • Ensuring the baby is in the proper position for delivery.
  • Helping pregnant individuals get through their pregnancy.
  • Keeping the baby and mother safe and healthy after a successful delivery.
  • Performing cesarean section (C-section) births if normal delivery is risky to the baby or mother.
  • Providing new mothers and parents with adequate postnatal care.
  • Testing for pregnancy complications like an ectopic pregnancy or congenital defects like Down syndrome.

What Is an Obstetrician?

Many obstetricians are also gynecologists. For this reason, they are called obstetrician-gynecologists (OB-GYNs). About 90% of OB-GYN doctors start their practice after a four-year stay as OB-GYN residents and are typically generalists.

What Is Gynecology?

While obstetrics deals with pregnancy, childbirth and associated complications, gynecology treats women who are not pregnant. Gynecology is exclusively specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive diseases such as infertility, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and fibroids.

Our Obstetric Services

We provide comprehensive obstetric services at Mile High OB/GYN. Here are some of the ways our obstetric services can help you if you are expecting or have recently given birth.

Where Will My Baby Be Delivered?

Our providers deliver at Rose Medical Center in Denver with the exception of Dr. Eule who delivers at Sky Ridge Hospital. They provide high-quality care, a variety of education classes and resources for expectant moms, and tremendous service to new moms and babies, including breastfeeding support by lactation consultants during and after your hospital stay.

Normal Births and Deliveries

Whether you are expecting a normal birth or have a medical condition that requires additional care, we can provide you and your baby with expert care. Our obstetricians can monitor and support normal births and labor in collaboration with midwives. We also care for pregnant patients, attend to obstetric triage patients in both maternal and antenatal wards and attend to normal births and deliveries.

Prenatal Care for High-Risk Pregnancies

We offer individual prenatal care for patients with high-risk pregnancies and help them cope with existing conditions. If your pregnancy is complicated by a fetal disorder, our doctors work with a multidisciplinary team of prenatal and postnatal specialists to provide the best treatment options for your patient before, during and after birth. For patients whose pregnancy is complicated by fetal disorders, care can be coordinated. We also provide prenatal care for any expecting mother. Prenatal care is about the mother’s and baby’s health. So even if you feel better than ever, you should still prioritize prenatal care so your baby can benefit too. At prenatal visits with your OB-GYN, you can expect such things as:
  • A general physical examination.
  • Blood pressure screenings.
  • Blood type and Rh factor testing.
  • Fundal height measurements, which measure the distance between the pubic bone and the top of the uterus.
  • Guidance on healthy pregnancy and delivery, such as dietary and lifestyle advice and preparing you for childbirth.
  • HIV screening.
  • Ultrasound tests.
  • Urine tests.
  • Weight measurements.
A regular prenatal visit won’t have all those screenings, tests and measurements, but you can expect to have each one at least once over the course of your pregnancy. Depending on your medical history and pregnancy situation, your OB-GYN may also recommend some additional tests to ensure you and your baby experience the healthiest pregnancy and delivery.

Care for Premature Births

If you are giving birth to a premature baby, your obstetrician can also offer counseling for knowing how to cope with the many emotions and concerns that can arise in such situations. We offer a wide range of services to ensure you find the right doctor or midwife who will listen to your needs and provide the care you deserve. Our certified nurses and midwives at Mile High OB/GYN are highly qualified to help you experience the most natural birth. With the trust, respect and compassion they show to each patient, you will receive the highest quality service when choosing our nurses and midwives.

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You want to ensure your baby is cared for by a kind, attentive and skilled team of OB-GYNs, nurses and midwives. You will find that level of care at Mile High OB/GYN! We encourage you to schedule an appointment today if you are expecting and looking for OB-GYN care near you.
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