Obstetrics in Denver

Obstetrics in Denver

Where will my baby be delivered?

Our providers deliver at Rose Medical Center in Denver with the exception of Dr. Eule who delivers at Sky Ridge Hospital. They provide high-quality care, a variety of education classes and resources for expectant moms, and tremendous service to new moms and babies, including breastfeeding support by lactation consultants during and after your hospital stay.

If you are expecting a normal birth or have a medical condition that requires additional care, we can provide you and your baby with expert care. Our obstetricians can monitor and support normal births and labour in collaboration with midwives. We also care for pregnant patients, attend to obstetric triage patients in the maternal and special wards, and attend to normal births and deliveries

We offer individual prenatal care for patients with high-risk pregnancies and help them cope with existing conditions that are always worrying. If your pregnancy is complicated by a fetal disorder, our doctors work with a multidisciplinary team of prenatal and postnatal specialists to provide the best treatment options for your patient before, during and after birth. For patients whose pregnancy is complicated by fetal disorders, care can be coordinated.

If you are giving birth to a premature baby, your obstetrician can also offer counselling in the first few weeks of pregnancy. We offer a wide range of services to ensure you find the right doctor and midwife who will listen to your needs and provide the care you deserve. Our certified nurses and midwives are highly qualified to help you experience the most natural birth. I believe that they are the best choice for you, based on trust, respect and compassion.

About 90 percent of OB-GYN patients start their practice after a four-year stay as OB-GYN patients and are typically interned as generalists. Although most doctors in this field spend most of their time in the office, laboratory, delivery room and operating theatre, obstetric gynaecology is well suited for students who want variety in their practices. It is also a specialty that offers flexible working hours, whether you are in private, group or academic practice.

While obstetrics deals with pregnancy and the associated complications, gynaecology treats women who are not pregnant. Gynaecology comprises two specialist areas: obstetrics and gynaecology, while gynaecology is exclusively specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive diseases such as infertility, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and fibroids.

The main task of the obstetrician is to diagnose and deliver a woman, to get her through pregnancy and to deliver her child and to provide the new mother with adequate postnatal care. The area of obstetrics deals with all aspects of pregnancy such as birth, childbirth and post-birth.

Updated Visitor Policy

Due to a decrease in COVID-19 cases in Colorado, we have updated our visitor policy to allow one masked visitor per patient. All patients and visitors must wear a face covering.

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