Well Woman Care

By adolescence and young adulthood, having access to preventative care is extremely important for women. Not only does it reduce the risk of potentially harmful health conditions from going undetected, but it also can potentially minimize the cost and severity of a problem. 

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Annual Exams

Yearly women’s exams help detect conditions that could impact your overall and reproductive health.
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Contraception Options

There are many options for contraception that our providers can help you choose from.
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Mood Management

Access mental health and mood management services with our trained providers. 
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STI Testing & Care

Help prevent STIs and catch them early by getting tested regularly. 
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Sexual Pain or Dysfunction

Sexual pain and dysfunction can be disruptive to your reproductive health without proper intervention and treatment. 

Obstetrics Care

Mile High OBGYN + Midwifery offers several options for obstetrics care that are available to women early on in their pregnancy that can continue until after the delivery. Prenatal, delivery and postnatal care is an important part of maintaining overall health for you and your baby. If you are looking for a new obstetrician, check out the services we offer. 

Gynecology Care

Routine gynecological care involves regular check-ups on your reproductive health. From PAP smears to STI testing, Mile High OBGYN + Midwifery offers comprehensive gynecology services for women at various stages of their lives. 


Abnormal Bleeding

Abnormal PAP Smears & HPV

Cramps & Pelvic Pain

Cycle Irregularities


Vaginal Infections

Vaginal Rejuvenation

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