How is a vaginal infection diagnosed?

If you have a vaginal infection, there will be obvious symptoms. A staunch odor, pain, itching, irritation, and slight bleeding or discharge are all signs that you need to contact your doctor. Although the Mile High providers can diagnose a vaginal infection through confirming your symptoms, it is best to have a pelvic exam to make sure there are no other concerning problems. Your provider may also take a sample of discharge, if available, to send for testing. 

Treatments for Vaginal Infections

Prescription Medication
Most commonly, prescription medicine can help alleviate symptoms. Your doctor may prescribe a pill or cream.
Over The Counter Remedies
If you don’t have a severe vaginal infection, over the counter creams may work to stop the infection. 
Things to Avoid
You should avoid submerging in water, using scented body washes near your vagina, and douching when you have a vaginal infection. 

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What type of clothing should I wear if I have a vaginal infection?
You should wear loose fitting, clean, and dry clothing. Avoid non-cotton underwear and tight pants.
What causes a vaginal infection?

Excess yeast, bacteria, parasites, irritation, and reduced estrogen can cause a vaginal infection. 

Can my doctor diagnose a vaginal infection from my pH level?
Yes. Your doctor can conduct a pH level test by swabbing your vagina with a test stick to look for elevated levels.

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