When should you seek out pregnancy management services?

As soon as you are ready to conceive or find out you are pregnant, you should consult with an obstetrician to make a plan. When you see a provider for prenatal care, your provider will evaluate your need for pregnancy management services. 

Women with preexisting health conditions can benefit from pregnancy management services. Here are a few examples of conditions or circumstances that could make you more likely to need it: 

  • History of preterm birth
  • History of low birth weight
  • History of other fetal complications 
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Diabetes
  • Mental health disorders 
  • Other chronic disorders
  • Drugs or alcohol use
  • Exposure to violence or abuse
  • Unsafe living situation 
  • Pregnant with multiples 
  • Lack of previous prenatal care

However, anyone can access pregnancy management services if they and their provider determine it is necessary. 

Pregnancy Management and Delivery Services

While there are many ways that pregnancy management services can look, the principles of care remain the same. 

Pregnancy management services help women to become empowered to make healthcare decisions that are best for them.
Consolidated Care
When you work with the obstetric staff at Mile High, all your care is consolidated in one place. 
Learn more about how to best manage your health in conjunction with your pregnancy. 

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Are pregnancy management services covered by my insurance?
In many cases, these services are either covered by insurance or provided at little to no cost to you. However, you should always check with your insurance company.
Will my pregnancy management team help me after I have my baby?

Yes! Your provider can help you with postnatal care, as well as during your pregnancy and thorugh delivery. 

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