Changes During Pregnancy

When you get pregnant, there will be changes that happen in your body. You may gain weight or experience mood swings, gastrointestinal issues, or fatigue. Back pain, morning sickness, heartburn, and frequent urination are also common things that pregnant women deal with. It’s important to note that every pregnancy will look different. During prenatal care visits, your provider will help you monitor your symptoms. Always be honest with your doctor about anything uncomfortable or painful. 

Follow-Up Prenatal Care Visits

During your follow-up visits, your provider will continue to watch your health and pregnancy process by: 

Monitoring your blood pressure, weight, and medications
Our providers will perform regular health check-ups to make sure there are no complications with your pregnancy.  
Analyzing relevant genetic tests
If you need genetic testing, our providers can help you determine which tests are relevant for your pregnancy. 
Ensuring that the baby is meeting development expectations and is in the right position.
If anything abnormal is present during an ultrasound or prenatal check-up, the Mile High providers will help you through it. 

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Do you still have questions about pregnancy management?

What important details should I know about my health before my first prenatal care visit?

You should know the date of your last menstrual cycle, any physical or mental health conditions you have been diagnosed with, the medications you are taking, and your pregnancy plan. 

Do I need to be tested for STIs when I’m pregnant?

Yes! You should continue to have regular STI testing even though you are pregnant. Sometimes symptoms can go unnoticed. 

How long does a normal pregnancy last?

A typical pregnancy will last 40 weeks. 

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