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Delivering your baby will be one of the most special moments of your life. The obstetric providers at Mile High understand the importance of making sure you are comfortable and confident during your delivery. Each of our providers are highly trained in the treatments we offer, meaning each staff member or medical professional you come in contact with is an expert in what they do.

Fertility Planning

Being aware of your fertility is the first step in preparing to conceive.  We work hard to create a safe, caring, and private space for you to receive top-of-the-line fertility services. An important part of fertility planning is recording signals to determine when you are most likely to get pregnant. Our specialists provide the testing you need to determine your optimal timeframe for conceiving.


When you decide to get pregnant, you may run into challenges with fertility. Over 6 million women struggle to get pregnant. If you are one of them – you’re not alone. Many things contribute to infertility, like genetics, hormone imbalances, or health problems. We can work with you to determine the level of infertility and create a treatment plan based on your family planning goals.

Pregnancy Management

Pregnancy management is a system that allows you to create a plan for your pregnancy, delivery, and postnatal care. Many women utilize this service to connect them with the right providers and specialists, and to have an advocate during the birthing process. Mile High’s pregnancy management services can help you make important birthing decisions and simplify family planning.

Prenatal Care

While you are pregnant, you should receive regular prenatal care. This is where your care team of doctors, nurses, or midwives will monitor your baby’s progress and development, and make sure that any potential issues are identified and addressed as quickly as possible. Prenatal care visits typically occur monthly for most of your pregnancy, but will increase closer to your due date.


Ultrasounds are useful in detecting and diagnosing a number of women’s health problems or monitoring a baby during pregnancy. They are a non-invasive tool that involves using sound waves to produce pictures of the inside of your body. It is a low-risk procedure.  



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Each Mile High OBGYN + Midwifery professional is specially trained to work with women from all walks of life. No matter what you’re looking to seek care for, our providers can help. Learn more about our staff and professionals below. 

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What can I expect during my ultrasound?

When you go in for an ultrasound, you may be asked to either remove your clothing and change into a hospital gown. An ultrasound technician will prep you for the ultrasound by putting gel on the area either on the inside or outside of your body and inserting or placing the transducer on the affected area. The gel may be uncomfortable, but there is usually no pain during the procedure. The sound waves create a picture that will be visible to you during the ultrasound. 

When do I get an ultrasound?

There are many times where you might need an ultrasound. 

During Pregnancy
Ultrasounds are used to monitor the progress of a fetus and are placed on the stomach. They can also be used to tell the sex of your child. 
Ultrasounds can be used to examine pelvic pain or to get images of the vaginal area, uterus, ovaries, or bladder. 

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Do you still have questions about ultrasound?

Can an ultrasound tell if my baby has a birth defect?

Yes. Ultrasounds can be used to detect any abnormalities your baby has, allowing you to get further testing if needed. 

How often do I need to get an ultrasound?

Your provider will determine how many ultrasounds you need during your pregnancy, but most women get an ultrasound at least once every trimester. You may also need to get an ultrasound if your provider determines you may have a women’s health condition like PCOS or endometriosis

Will my insurance cover an ultrasound?

Most insurance plans will cover ultrasounds. However, you should always check with your insurance provider to make sure! 

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Mile High OBGYN + Midwifery accepts most major insurance providers! If you have any questions about whether we accept your insurance or not, please reach out to us.

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